Laskari may have the Milano suave Via corso  como name , but it’s roots are most definitely deeply rooted in Africa. It’s partners from Northern Africa Morocco and Southern Africa Zimbabwe collided with a high street Gypsy whose bohemian sales and marketing genius covers the globe in space dust disguised as fucking cool shit to wear. Friends that now span its 5th decade after meeting in Hong Kong in the late 80’s where they both worked in fashion.  

The partners Jackie & Stephen better known to each other as “shvili” or “mon pot”, work out of a garage in west LA and a place with a view in Bali. They do everything with a taste level that should be illegal for heterosexual to have, a joke in a foreign language and a shit load of belly laughs. They're both not lacking in this department -  the belly and the laughs. They don’t do a thing without Fefe Bonbóns moms approval. Fefe being the global cat who has LV drip and wears it with pride. 

Yes we are crazy AF, but reliable and get the job done. We pay homage to our planet, it’s animals and treat each other with respect.

We are a slow fashion brand. Preferring the Artisan to the sweat shop . Viva la difference .